Help me choose a VPN for home security?

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Hello, I've been reading enough about GDPR and internet censorship and a couple of my friends recommended I should buy a VPN to set it up on my home router. They already showed me how it helps to bypass geo-restrictions, but as well it encrypts your data and masks your real IP address, - all of these features IMHO are pretty important the more I read about privacy issues online. So I hoped you can help me pick a VPN?


I've got a few ExpressVPN recommendations, but it's very expensive. My colleague recommended Surfshark for home network because it supports unlimited devices, I can set it up on a router but as well use it on my phone and according to their webpage even share my account with friends. I googled both of them, ExpressVPN looks like one of the market leaders and a very strong one, on the other hand Surfsharks reviews are saying it's a very strong newcomer, and it's way cheaper...Maybe you can help me choose between the two or recommend some other provider? Thanks!!!


  • Jaims
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    Hi @Samii 


    Thank you for relying on our expertise to advice you on the use of a reliable VPN service.


    If you want a VPN from a known company with a solid background in security, then F-Secure’s FREEDOME VPN is for you. Our VPN is a capable service with good encryption, some added security features, and a wider range of price options than a typical VPN.


    You may want to consider our 4-in-1 package F-Secure Total which is a combination of Safe (Antivirus and Internet Security), Freedome VPN, Key (Password Manager) and SENSE (Security Router for your household devices including the iOTs). 


    Click here to try for free.


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    Hey! The best VPN in my opinion is VeePN. I have tried many different VPN providers over the years and VeePN is hands down the best VPN for a number of reasons.

    Not only is it quick and easy to setup, but it’s also amazingly fast and doesn’t slow down your connection at all unlike many VPN providers I have tried.

    It is also comes with clients for all of your devices including Windows, Mac OSX, Android & iOS so you can secure everything easily.

  • Samii
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    Oh, I didn't know F-secure offer VPN services too, thanks for pointing it out. I already got Surfshark but currently checking it out on 30d. money back guarantee. Thank you for linking to f-secure free trial I will definitely check it out and pick the one that suits me better!

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