Slow Speed All Servers of Freedom on Android

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I and my friends using Freedom for Android networks ( 4G/3G/Wifi)


But Freedom is very slow speed for download and web browser


we test all servers , all servers for freedom app android is very slow connection and speed


I think Freedom android use TCP 443 and this protocol is very slow but is good for Secure


Please change Protocol to UDP or you can give Two protocol for choise user connect


I think better way for connection , Freedom using TCP /UDP and some port for choise user frindly


Well, Please fix this problem of slow connect and slow speed on Freedom Android


My Android is Oreo / i use 4G /Wifi


Thanks for your reply


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    Hello @karkas20 


    Have you tried to uninstalled and re-installed the Freedome on your device? If yes, but the issue still reproduce. May I know what version of the Freedome is running on your devices? 


    Pelase have a look of this article for slowness issue and this article for  to check the speed test.


    Freedome application does not limit the speed on purpose, and the Freedome uses strong encryption for all communications between your device and the F-Secure servers. That being said, it will generally give you an adeaquate speed with a slight reduction, i.e mostly 6% to 7% of the regular internet speed.


    Thank you very much for your suggestion about change protocal to UDP, we have feature request page available for the customer, so you may share your suggestion directly at Freedome feature request page.

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    Hello @Sethu 


    I tried to unistalled and re-installed but i see slow speed for Freedom...I think TCP protocol is good for Windows , but for Android is bad and Freedom should be using UDP for staible and max speed


    Always for all application for windows and Android i using final version...


    Freedom version on Android is :


    My suggest is this link : Please add manual use protocol TCP/UDP for freedom All OS


    I know that Finland has the third-most creative economy in the world, and it is one of the capital countries
    F-Secure has a lot of revenue and can upgrade its product so that it can attract more users with its creativity.


    Please read this suggest : Please add some way option for Bypass DPI Firewall


    Thanks for your reply...Have a great dayHeart

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