I need a code for testing Freedome



I have an iPhone with Freedome already installed, but the license expired 1-2 years ago.

I had issues with the connection, but I want to give Freedome another chance,

could I have a test code for 1-3 days to test it again?

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  • SethuSethu Posts: 644 Moderator
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    Hello @D-Fens2 


    Thank you for choosing the Freedome agian,  you can get download our Freedome as free and use for 5 days trial through appstore. It’s quick to install and no registrations or settings required.


    Have you tried to uninstalled and re-installed the Freeodme on your device? If yes, and still getting message "expired" or "subscribe", you will have only option to purchase the Freedome by selecting one of the several subscription options.


    But you can also reach our F-secure Support  to get a trial key for F-secure Freedome.

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