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My friends have recommended that I start using Firefox because I’ve been complaining how slow my browser sometimes gets. Until now, I have been using Internet Explorer but have now a couple of times used Firefox as well. It really seems faster. I wonder why that is. In any case, I noticed that there are some kind of add ons available. Should I use those as well? What are they good for?


Thanks for the answers already in advance!


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    Adblock Plus  -  Blocks Ads. Pop Ups etc.


    Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus  -  Makes it easier to define which elements you want to hide.


    Better Privacy  - Safeguard against "flash based" super cookies.


    Blank your monitor + Easy reading.  -  Force change of link colours, change background colour. E.g. white text on black background can be changed to black text on white background or your choice of colours.


    **** Dictionary - **** is your language. Many languages available for built in spell checker.


    Copy as plain text  -  When selecting text to copy, it removes formatting.


    CS Lite Mod - Cookie Safe enables easy control of cookies, cookie editing, control of allow, remove etc


    Febe  -  Backup of entire Firefox profile including Bookmarks, Preferences, and add ons.


    Flashblock - Blocks or allows Flash on a page.


    Getmail Plus  -  Allows you to open your mail program from the browser via an icon.


    Menu Editor  -  Edit browser menus.


    Preserve download modification timestamp - Most browsers change the file timestamp to that of the download time.


    Status 4 Evar - Brings back some of the Status widgets and progress indicators that were removed in latest versions of FF.


    Tabmix plus  -  Take control of Tabs, undo tabs, duplicate current tab next to current tab( really useful on forums, so that you can see the whole thread when making a reply to an individual post), reopen closed tabs, session manager with crash recovery of tabs and windows.


    Toolbar Buttons  -  Allows you to add additional buttons to make common tasks easier without going in to menus etc.


    CheckIt  -  Hash file generation and checking.

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