f-secure safe download file not working

JEV Posts: 5 New Member

After an update today have lost f-secure safe and freedome. managed to download freedome and get it working but the safe will not load on to pc. Any known issues?


  • nanonyme
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    I suggest restarting the machine just in case there's some pending installation waiting for a restart.

  • JEV
    JEV Posts: 5 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I did try that.

    managed today to get support tech. They guided me through complete uninstall and reinstall which appears to have resolved all issues. Phew!


  • Ville
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    Hi @JEV 


    The F-Secure SAFE update to version 17.5 does a big product underlying architecture change. Unfortunately in some cases the update fails, even though we did extensive testing for it. I'm sorry that you experienced this trouble and glad that support was able to help you fix it. We should not need to do such big changes for many years to come.



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