Going to visit Russia - all devices having FREEDOME - is it allowed

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I'm going to tourist trip to Russia. All devices i have (wife's phone, my phone and my tablet) have FREEDOME installed and active all the time. Is that all right by Russian authorities?


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    If you want to have a yes that is juridically binding with Russian authorities, you are going to need to ask about VPN from Russian authorities later, not F-Secure. I would as a regular community member not encourage you to use VPN solutions in Russia unless it doesn't hurt you too much if they end up confiscated. (so no privacy-sensitive data on them) 

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    Yes, sounds reasonable that Russian authorities are the best ones to answer, but because i feel like a customer to F-Secure, I was hoping they also like to help me.


    I can't of course uninstall FREEDOME, at least my company owned phone is like that. I can disable it temporarily, but are the authorities happy with that?


    Thank you for a quick answer, but I'm still waiting if F-Secure happens to have any experience in this matter.

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