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My it support person in Finland claims that the only way someone may have entered my iPad is being an insider at F Secure and that I should turn off the vpn. 

Anyone in Estonia? 

I worked there as a diplomat ten years ago and experienced massive breaches, most probably by local intelligence who may still want to target me. 

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    Hello @CaritaP 


    To explain further regarding your post, let us provide more information on how does Freedome VPN works and how your device connects to the internet.


    When you open any website with your browsers, your request is sent to your router and on to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP then sends it along to the website’s servers, gets the info you need, and sends it back to you. This is only a simplified version of how the internet works.


    However, this isn’t ideal if you care about your security. The router can be vulnerable, especially if you’re on public wifi. Your ISP and website servers can collect a lot of personal information about you such as your IP address, your location, and what you do on the internet. Without a Freedome VPN, all that data is out in the open for almost anyone to see. That’s where the Freedome VPN comes into play.


    Click here to know more about What is Freedome VPN.


    Also, please have a look of this KB article where you find more about what happens when you use Freedome VPN. 



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