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Dear Customer Service staff,


I am a HK user and the licence will be expired very soon.  I would like to renew the licence.  However, I can't make any online/electronic payment.  I am looking for your HK vendor to purchase the renewal licence.  Three weeks ago, I found your HK office email and emailed them to ask the above-mentioned, but I can't receive any reply until now.


Appreicated if you can let me know HK vendor prompty by returned email that I can reach in HK and make the purchase in person .


If I can't receive your reply, I have no choice but to terminate the licence subscription.


Many thanks for your kind assistance.  Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.





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    Hello @LC1 


    Thank you for being our valued customer and it would be easier for us to take you right direction if you provide us some information about product renewal. 


    May I know the full name of your F-secure program? i.e F-secure safe, F-secure client security. 


    How many licenses are you going to renew for the F-secure product?


    You can now easily find your local authorized reseller through our website with this link.



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    Dear Moderator,


    My licence is F-secure safe and only one licence is needed to renew.  I can't find any Hong Kong (Asia Pacific Area) vendor in website.  Only can find as the below, there is no any telephone contract number, as I mentioned previously, I sent the email to make the same inquiry and without any reply until now.  Would you please let me have it telephone contract number and Hong Kong vendor list and contract number?  


    F-Secure Limited
    Flat/RM B 9/F,
    Jonsim Place,
    228 Queens Road East, Wanchai
    Hong Kong


    Many thanks for your kind assistance.  Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.


    Hong Kong user

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