Can I select the effective date for a subscription?

After I purchase a package (say for F‑Secure TOTAL for 3 devcises on 2 March), will the subscription become effective instantly? Could I select the beginning date for the subscription, for example on 5 May?



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  • SethuSethu Posts: 638 Moderator
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    Hello @Doux 


    Did you purchase the 20 digit voucher code for F-secure TOTAL through retailer shop?  If yes, its possible that you can activate the voucher code for TOTAL  later and the validity period of subscription starts from the date of registration for  My F-secure . 


    If you purchased the F-secure TOTAL through F-secure store,  its not possible to modify the purchase date for F-secure TOTAL once the order has been paid in our payment system. The validity period of subscription should be started immediately from the date of purchase.  So the best advise for you is to create the My F-secure account as soon as you have received the welcome email from our internal payment system. 



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