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Hi There


so I can see a few people are having issues with freedome connection. I too am having similar issues. Freedome wont connect but if I switch it off I can access the net. I am currently abroad but have my location set as UK.


I have the most uptodate version as of 1st March


I have cleared my browser history and cache.


I have tried multiple restarts


Anythings else I need to do? It seems like this is not an isolated issue. it was working fine 2 days ago


I am on a Mac running OS 10.14.1 and have not done any updates etc recently


Please help 


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    Hello @rc951 


    Thank you for reporting us the issue, please provide us some more information about F-secure Freedome not conneting issue. 


    May I know in which country do you live now? have you tried to connect your device with differnet network? i.e Wifi to 4g/3g


    Are you getting any error message during connecting Freedome?

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