Android 4.4.2 Jelly Bean in loop after AV message 'program stopped'

Installed F-secure on Samsung Galaxy Tab3, WiFi, 7.0, 8GB, 32GB Flash disc storage with Android version 4.4.2 Jelly Bean.
After several days being unused, I started booted the device and after login the event 'Program has stopped' appears again and again, followed by an unplanned reboot.
There's no time to stop or disable the AV program in time due to those reappearing events 'Program has stopped' until the next reboot.
Device has been rooted by Kingoroot.

Prior to this event, there have been no issues after the installation of F-secure.


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    I don't think you'll find Android 4.x (Jelly Bean) is supported anymore:


  • Thanks for the reply.

    Then why does my provider still provide that program for my device, it doesn't make sence.

    Anyways ... besides of being out of support, is there anyone out there who experienced similar problems like this?

    Any suggestions?

    Beside of that, it is kind of hard to get my hands on the proper stock Rom for my device.


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    I've no idea who your provider is so can't answer that question.   


    With regards going out of support, often FS will keep working on a device until it (FS) receives a major product upgrade, or needs to be reinstalled for some reason.  Android 5 and later is supported so to be fair, it does still support fairly old devices, given that Android 9 is the current version.  Most devices would have automatically upgraded, but perhaps your custom ROM prevents that?  Further to which, I'm not sure that FS would offer any guarantees on their products working on custom ROMs, but you'd need to check that with them via the Support channels (unless someone answers here).


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    My experience is also about such crashes under one of Android devices (... probably it is also 4.4.2). How it is already explained -> current F-Secure solutions with requirements for higher Android builds.

    But if you did not reinstall F-Secure application -> it should still be "active".


    Thus, my experience is about state when F-Secure installed with its supported version. Then, such version is frozen. There are already many many updates for F-Secure application, but installed version under Android 4.4.2 with latest supported F-Secure application build. And, most likely, it is not possible to reinstall F-Secure application.


    My experience, usually, about crashes during try to use Google Play Market and when updates for any application are applied. Maybe, it is possible to doublecheck if your Google Play is configured to autoupdate applications (if so - possible to try disable it). And then, manually, apply updates for applications and check if it will be possible (though, with my experience - crashes are repeatedly appeared during it) to use device.



  • In this case the download came from XS4all.

  • Well, in my case the problems occur after the Tab3 being shutdown for several days. Only after logon this error 'program has stopped' appears over and over again, followed by an unexpected reboot. So disabling the F-secure program in time before the unexpected reboot is not possible also due to the repeating popups.

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    Does appear in your  "My apps" in the Google app store?  I just wondered whether you could uninstall it from there via a different device?

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    Here's another random thought - if you could start your device in Safe Mode, you may be able to remove FS that way.

  • Well, the thing is this ...

    I do not have enough time to get into the settings as the AV program interferes with those annoying popups 'program has stopped' over and over again, which you have to deal with first and that slows down what you're doing at that point.

    And it doesn't matter what you're currently doing.

    When done then within say 30 seconds later the unplanned reboot kicks in.

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    So, neither of my two suggestions above would work?  You can't access your Google Play account from another device, or go into safe mode?


  • Android 4.4 jelly bean is now quite an outdated OS, and it is no longer supported by Google, you could upgrade to some latest android version in order to use it, moreover, you have rooted your android device which means it is now vulnerable, as it is not advised to root phone.

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