Cannot see my my own orders F Secure Internet Security

I found old post of  this and it said it is a bug in some versions 15.0 and 15.1 so how can I get 15.2 which is fixed? 

I bought new laptop and this problem came when I reused my order. 


So I see only these in the front of F Secure Window: ? guide, take contact to support and information.

Don't show anymore "show your own orders" 

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    With F-Secure Internet Security 17.5 the subscription handling has been changed. You can no longer see all licenses and devices that are using them. If you need such functionality, you should use F-Secure SAFE, which has a portal to do subscription management.


    You can see the subscription validity in the main user interface at the top left corner.


    The functionality to get installation keycode for reinstallation was also lost with this change, but we will bring it back in future releases.



    (F-Secure R&D)


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