All server of US , HK, Singapore,Italy can not connet for me

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Why Freedom not good one VPN???


Some location servers can not connected for me and using it...


Please fix this problem and your speed of Freedom is Slow ...Performance and Speed is important for one vpn appication


All server of US . Hong Kong , Singgapore , Italy is down for me...




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    Hello @Jigsaw ,


    Just did a quick check on ou test enviroment but I could see all the reported servers performing well.


    Could you please provide us the version of your Freedome? and have you tried to connect your device with different network i.e from wifi to 4G?


    If you are using the Freedome on your windows machine, please refer the similar this thread where you can find some basic troubleshoot steps that helps to fix the issue. 

  • Jigsaw
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    Hello @Sethu 


    Thanks for your Reply


    I use final version Freedom for Android and Windows all network connection is normal


    I test wifi and 4G network for connect server but failed


    I think this thread not  enough for fixing my problem


    I am live Iran and these server or location can not connect


    All server of US , HK, Singapore,Italy


    Take Care

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