free-dome on Apple TV 4

The last post with regard to this item was in 2015. We are now in 2019 and It can be seen that other VPN providers are offering  Apple TV-solutions (ExpressVPN for eaxample) .

Have there  been any changes since 2015 for Free-Dome ?


  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @BeoLoog 


    Thank you for your interest in F-secure Freedome, we have no plan yet, so the Apple TV not supported by Freedome. Please have a look of  this article to know all supported platforms. 

  • backaxel
    backaxel Posts: 4

    Usual response then! Telling the poster what he already knows! I think he was looking more an update on the possibility of Freedome being supported on AppleTV????

  • BeoLoog
    BeoLoog Posts: 3

    Thank you for your quick response. The article you are referring to is from september 2018.

    So I will rephrase my question : are you planning an update on the F-Secure Freedome VPN

    software to make it suitable for Apple TV (or Chromecast for that matter) or do I have to wait

    till the end of my Freedome subscription and chose another VPN provider ?

  • BeoLoog
    BeoLoog Posts: 3

    Thanks for your quick reply !

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