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Would be nice if I could have KEY start when I start Windows but display no window. Just sit in the system tray and look pretty.

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    I am only an F-Secure user. I think that it is already like this. Only limitation is Windows(?) own design as optimization(?) for opened windows before restart (or 'kind of shutdown').

    Such trouble is discussed under community. And there is one example of discussion:


    Does it possible to doublecheck that your experience with "window" is not about restart Windows (or shutdown with Windows 10 where it is not configured as real shutdown) while F-Secure KEY is still active on tray?


    Though, I think that such situation is not good too. But if so - maybe good to request a workaround against this design. Because, most likely, KEY is already designed to be minimized at system start.


    I tried with Windows 10 and recent F-Secure KEY: I choose "autorun" (under settings). then I close F-Secure KEY (with chosen option "when window is closed -- F-Secure KEY is not switched to tray") OR possible to use "Quit" from rightclick tray logo. then I did restart. Result is KEY minimized after system start.


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    Closing as done.


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