Unnecessary problems when installing "Fritz 16"

Hello at F-Secure!
Difficulties I’ve had when trying to install the Chess program “FRITZ 16” on my computer.
This is a short resume of the happenings;
- When trying to install the program, I got a message that one of the program files was of a kind that F-Secure considered being damaging, or at least not recommended to install.
- After contacting F-Secure Support, I was recommended to de-activate F-Secure and install the chess program – at my own risk, of course!
- I borrowed another CD-player (external model “ASUS”), de-activated F-Secure and managed to install the program. Also at this time – before de-activating F-Secure – I received a warning that a file was found that could be damaging and not recommended to install.
- After installing the program, I re-activated F-Secure and made a total and complete search for Virus, “bad” files etc. – Nothing was found!
- The program was installed successfully and is now working as it should.
Content: The cause could very well be a combination of malfunction in hardware (internal CD-unit) and a “too high” sensitivity in F-Secure – at least in step one.
// Rolf R


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    I'm a little surprised that you weren't asked to Submit a Samplof the program exe file, in order for the labs to whitelist it, as I would have thought that to have been the easiest solution.

  • Carter-53
    Carter-53 Posts: 2 New Member

    When speaking to their staff / Customer support, I clearly gave them all info - as well as being very clear conc. what program it concerned. I guess that F-Secure ought to have access to all installation files, as well as the complete program - for their own ability to create an anti-Virus program that would allow installation of a program that's been sold all over the world, probably in thousands of ex.

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