How do I set up my Virgin Media account of free for 12 months F Secure safe for 5 devices?


Please help me to set up my Virgin Media offer as a new customer. I log in and it takes me to my account explaining that my old subscription as now ended and needs to be renewed but offers me no option to set up the Virgin Media offer of 12  minthr F Secure Safe for up to 5 devices. The only option is to redeem a new key code but Virgin does not give us one. I believe I may need to delete my account as I think the link will only activate on new accounts, if this is so how do i go about this as strangely there is no way of deleting through my account or at least i can not find any.


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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    I think that inability to delete account by own steps is something as security concern.

    Based on next knowledgebase article:

    it is possible to contact their official F-Secure Support Channel (chat as example) and you can request to permanently delete your My F-Secure Account there:

    Just as one addition: there is knowledgebase article about availability of fresh dashboard in My F-Secure Account (at least, for F-Secure TOTAL subscription. And maybe Virgin Media offer or F-Secure SAFE accounts are not about this design):

    I am not sure if it is still applied - but fresh view bring ability to change your mail-address (pinned to account) by own steps. Otherwise, if Virgin Media offer is not pinned to specific mail-address - maybe it is possible to create another (fresh) My F-Secure Account.

    I think that it is can be as a workaround for your situation. Because I feel that enough to create another My F-Secure Account (pinned to your another mail-address) or switch your existed account to another mail address and to create fresh one with this one which pinned to Virgin Media offer.

    But... good to receive official advice from F-Secure Teams!


    Sorry for my English!



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