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Got several e-mails about my trial period of 30 days. I am already registred with an account but awaiting my present virus protection with Norton Security to reach the end of my account in middle of June this year.

I do have a registration code for a 12 month F-Secure Total and will start that after the final in June with Norton.


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think that your experience is about promotional / marketing letters.

    And, most likely, it is automatically scheduled as a reminder of the expiration of the trial installation and further ability to purchase subscription.

    I think that trial time is started when an My F-Secure account is created (probably, it should be possible to add your activation code for one year after the expiration of trial).


    Your own experience already is about activation (subscription) code... thus, it is probably indeed unnecessary mail letters - but it is unknown for F-Secure backend and for someone it can be an useful reminder (or even a guide for switching from a trial to a paid subscription).


    Is your topic's meaning is about stopping to receive these mail letters? Or is it about something else?

    I feel that there are some points:

    -> maybe such mail letters are expected as marketing activities, reminders, communication with users ans assistance. so, perhaps it works as intended.

    -> possible to doublecheck ability to unsubscribe of receiving letters from F-Secure (unrecommended though). I feel that most of F-Secure mail letters are received only when user agrees. And it is always with option (content of mail letter) to unsubscribe.

    -> as another option - possible to contact their direct Support Channels for proper advice:

    Sorry for my English!





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    good thing to see people are migrating to the protection that deserves it Smiley Very Happy

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    Topic solved!

    I will start to use F-Secure when my precent protection with Norton Security has ended in mid June this year. I already have the installation key for one year with F-Secure.


    If any more e-mail pop up about to start my  registration I desreards such e-mails witout any action.


    have a nice day.



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