Is there a way to know which subscription code is in use by the Freedome desktop application?

I'm wondering if it is possible to view subscription code that the Windows version of the Freedome desktop application is currently using. Is it possible to view currently used subscription code within the application?


The Order ("Tilaus" in finnish) tab doesn't reveal the code. The Order tab is accessible through the main screen of the application when it is opened. The Order tab only tells you how long current subscription is valid and relevant stats. I'm currently using the Freedome for Windows and I have Windows 7 Professional edition.

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    Hello @Stikki


    For user safety, the subscription can't be viewed in the program. Normally, the order confirmation email sent by our payment partner Cleverbridge and there will be the license key listed in it. If you have lost/fogot the license, you will need to contact F-secure Support Team and provide them with E-mail or Order number/Reference number in order to retrieve a  subscription key that has been bought through our F-secure website. 


    Based on your email address, I have managed to find your subscription for Freedome. I will now send the subscription key in private message.

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