Unable To Install F-Secure.... Windows Cannot Find.... Make Sure You Typed The Name Correctly



Unable To Install....Anyone Can Solve This Problem....? 



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  • JOnes
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    Try installing  directly the desired Home product from here: 






  • SriHarshaSatish
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    Got New Problem... Asked To reboot Machine...Restarted Nothing happened.




    So I Went To Installation Directory Folder And Tried To open freedom... New Problem Came.




    Disablling Antivirus And Run As Administartor Did Not Solved This Problem... :-(


    Pls Give Another Solution 

  • JOnes
    JOnes Posts: 568 Rock Star

    Fine,problem solved,perhaps more artificial intelligence needed in installation programs in the future

  • SriHarshaSatish
    SriHarshaSatish Posts: 4 Observer

    Hi Inform Developer


    This Problem Caused By TuneUp utiilities Like Advanced System Care, Avg tune up Etc etc


    Mine Was Created By Advanced System Care.


    In Debugger I Put Empty Space  In regedit (Run As Administrator While Opening Regedit.exe )


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options


    1. freedome.exe

    2. fsdiag.exe



    5.setup.exe (if debugger not Emptied for this it will ask reboot machine to complete installation.. )


    7.Qtwebengineprocess.exe ( Dont Know Wheather it is for freedome )

    8. Any Other .exe files... easily To locate Debugger (in Image File Execution Options)

    Hello Developer If U Want To Experience This Problem..


    1.Install Advanced System Care...  ( Google It Advanced System care Pro Giveaway Key Smiley Happy

    2.Go To Tool Box

    3.Open Program Deactivatior. (To Stop Unnessary Back Ground Services From Running And Start Up)

    4.Try It Deactivating Unncessary programs U Like


    5.And Then Uninstall ASC


    6.Now Uninstall Freedome And Restart Computer.


    7.Now Install Freedome...


    Thats It All Problems Will Begin Start.


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