FRANCE server very unstable, hard to connect...

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FRANCE server is still very unstable almost useless, while Belgium or German servers and even far away US or Japan are very easy to connect from France even when phone is waking up...

When are you going to fix this strange issue that I already raised quite long ago, implying that all your servers don’t use the same setup and therefore that they don’t have the same level of security ?!…


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    Hello F_DU,


    Sorry for the delay in response. Are you still seeing this connection issue with France server?

    Our monitoring does not reveal any problems for the France location.


  • F_DU
    F_DU Posts: 9 Observer

    Following your answer that I saw yesterday, I switched back from Belgium to French server and indeed it now seems to be much more stable, very comparable to Belgium/other countries servers.

    I hope it will be now stable on the long term, including after device wake up so I switched all my other devices to French server and will keep you update to confirm such good improvement after around one week of permanent use…

  • F_DU
    F_DU Posts: 9 Observer

    So, after around one month usage, I confirm that FRANCE server has improved, now close to other countries server like Belgium/Japan/Germany..., but still having (randomly) a lot more instability at device wake up…

    quite often at wake up Freedome does not reconnect, keeping circling which cuts the connexion for very long if not ever, with sometimes the error message below, and the only way to find a solution is either (i) keep switch back and forth from other countries servers to France until it finally connect if you are lucky, (ii) restart the application after setting Freedome to “OFF”, (iii) restarting the wireless connexion, (iv) or often any (random) combination of the previous 3 points which are often not enough alone.

    These problems seem more frequent when connected in wifi (especially Sense) than GSM/LTE…



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