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I now have 5 devices with f-secure safe. Will there be any problems if I buy f-secure Total next. And it can be installed now even though its validity is at the end of April. So if I install Total to  now, will it succeed?


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    There are two knowledgebase articles about "Upgrade from F-Secure SAFE to F-Secure TOTAL":

    If you want to save your current "My F-Secure Account" (pinned to certain mail address) - I think that described flows are only designed view. Otherwise, it should be possible to contact their official Support Channels (chat or phone) for proper advice:

    But if you want to purchase (not as renew and/or not as upgrade) F-Secure TOTAL as replacement to your current F-Secure SAFE subscription; by using another mail-address (and to create another "My F-Secure Account") - then probalby it is OK to do so. But your existed F-Secure SAFE subscription will be not used anymore.


    In addition, F-Secure TOTAL subscription is package solution; where F-Secure SAFE || F-Secure FREEDOME VPN || F-Secure KEY (likely) and F-Secure SENSE (as option to order) are bundled to one subscription. Thus, possible to start use TOTAL's F-Secure Freedome / F-Secure KEY already with existed F-Secure SAFE subscription/installation. And then to reinstall F-Secure SAFE with your F-Secure TOTAL licence code (when your another SAFE subscription is expired).


    But my own suggestion is to doublecheck ability to upgrade/switch smoothly from SAFE to TOTAL as described with provided knowledgebase articles.

    Also, good if there will be proper response from official F-Secure team.



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