Is there an Online backup beta forum

Is there a forum for Online backup beta?

Where can i find more details on what the online backup beta 3.0 does? and beta testing unstructions?


Martti K.


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    Sorry about that.

    There is, but for some reason the naviation was less than obvious to me.


    Marti K.

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    Were you able to find this page? Can you lead me to it? I am not a web savvy so I am really having a hard time. Thanks in advance. image

  • I do not believe the ability exists.

    I have been informed by level 3 and product management to sign up for the beta but that does not seem possible.


    I did extensive testing uncovering critical(In my opinion) design flaws. I voulenteered to work with the design team to fix (I have 40+ tyears of experience) but was told to signup for the beta.


    I do not believe F-Secure is serious about the cloud backup space.


    I must add them to my list of "bought-tested-failed-refund received" list.

    Currently testing my 5th vendor. 

    Unfortunately each vendor test takes at least a month of a dedicated machine to complete a full backup, then the real testing begins.  And this is ONLY the BACKUP part of the test, not the recovery part.

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