Safe licence expired, Freedom still active but I can't access it

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I had both a Safe and freedom license. By mistake, because only freedom vpn is my choice.

Now that safe has expired, it is strange because I can't activate freedom on my different devices (phone and PC). On my f-secure account there is only the Safe utility that asks me to renew my subscription. And since I don't, there is nothing else I can do...


I can't find the freedom access on my account to get a new key for my phone. My freedom license is valid until september 2019 for information.


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Just as sidenote: F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure Freedome VPN are two different packages and subscriptions.

    Which are not pinned to each other.

    There is another F-Secure solution/package which called as F-Secure TOTAL. This one solution (package) and subscription is about both software (F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure Freedome). So, one subscription for two solutions. More about F-Secure TOTAL:


    But what about your current experience: if your "My F-Secure Account" is pinned to your F-Secure SAFE subscription (and not to F-Secure TOTAL[[SAFE+Freedome package]] subscription) - it is normal state that there is only SAFE information and ability to renew it (and nothing about  F-Secure Freedome).


    F-Secure FREEDOME with two options to purchase it:

    - as multiplatform subscription;

    - as mobile store subscription;


    If your experience is about multiplatform subscription - need to find confirmation/purchase letter with your subscription code. Otherwise - good to contact their official F-Secure Support channel (chat as example) for assistance. For example, to recover or re-trigger such code to you.

    If your experience is about mobile-based subscription - it is only pinned to certain platform (iOS or Android); but unlimited count of devices.


    Does it about your experience? And what is your exact setting/background?

    Does it possible to check with your mail provider (email) - if confirmation/purchase letter is available there (or any other letters with license information; where should be visible activation code). Otherwise it should be pinned to your mobile account (as stated with Knowledgebase articles).


    Good if you will back with feedback or with more information about your Freedome subscription type.



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    Thanks. I will have to check that first. Who's pinned to who :)

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    @yakalex wrote:

    Thanks. I will have to check that first. Who's pinned to who :)

    Right. By the way, ability to contact their official Support Channel is there (for example, if it is not possible to manage and find such code in your received email-letters - then need to recover your licence or activation code; or to re-trigger this letter):

    (chat or phone).


    Sorry for my worst English!


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