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Since installing the latest release on a Levovo Laptop with Windows 10 I'm seeing the message system configuration changed and offers to reconnect when it wakes up. Behind the message Freedome says its On, so is connected.   It always reconnects when you click the button, I've Bitdefender Total Security (no VPN) and it says all is ok with PC. 


Any thoughts? 




  • _xx_
    _xx_ Posts: 6

    I have the same issue in my Windows 10 64-bit. I have F-Secure TOTAL.




  • _xx_
    _xx_ Posts: 6
    See Freedome connects twice when coming from Sleep

    Unfortunately, no solution mentioned.
  • Connah
    Connah Posts: 4

    Same issue



  • Wlan
    Wlan Posts: 1

    I get the same message every time I wake my computer from sleep. It doesn't happen after proper restart.


    I made some IPconfig logs, and the difference I can see is an extra "Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection* 12:" after waking from sleep.

    My Wi-Fi adapter has the same IP address, the Freedome IP seems to always change no matter if the warnings is shown or not.

    This issue showed up just now for me, but I havent' used Freedome for a couple of months previously.


    A change now is that I have F-secure Total, not just Freedome.


    Any ideas about how to solve the problem? It's quite annoying.

  • _xx_
    _xx_ Posts: 6

    There seems to exist a new version of Freedome installer for those who have been facing the Freedome error System configuration changed, see The newer Freedome installer fixed my situation - no more error popup after sleep.

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