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I have a virus, ToolTabExtension.dll, that has been put into  Quarantine on my request based on a rekommendation from F-Secure efter a full Virus Scan. I can not uninstall it in Windows 10. Is there any way that I can get F-secure to remove it from my computer or do I have to keep in Quarantine forever?


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Did you mean that you want to uninstall/remove this detected "ToolTabExtension.dll"?

    Or did you manage to find entire application or software where ToolTabExtension.dll was part of this?


    In general, my suggestion is next:

    -> do you able to provide what was a folder for ToolTabExtension.dll? Or it is part of which software?

    Possible to find it under Full Scan log report. Or if it is known to you.

    Then, possible to search related articles or further information about this certain type (maybe it is unknown Potential Unwanted Application or even something known as bundle/adware). Maybe to check installed software/applications under system and to remove unknown ones.

    And to perform proper clean up against remained items / unwanted software.


    -> if your concern is only about detected item. Quarantine is a safe place.

    I think it is OK to keep it there. Otherwise, should be possible to remove (not to restore/recover item) item from Quarantine (result: item is removed/deleted from system and from quarantine).

    Or it is not an option under your "File and App control" (Quarantine)?



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