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I have been a customer and user of F-Secure for many years.  I have also used LargeSoftware/PCTuneUp  happily for many years.  Recently I noticed that the PCTuneUp icon had disappeared from my desktop.  I have tried a number of times to reinstall the program but F-Secure keeps preventing it.  I have added the company to my F-Secure allowed list but still cannot reinstall PCTuneUp.  On one occasion I disabled F-Secure and successfully reinstalled the said program but as soon as I rebooted my computer, F-Secure 'swung into action' again and blocked PCTuneUp.  
I am not a computer technical person so cannot deal with any solutions other than simple ones.  I like to us PC TuneUp regularly so if I cannot get this resolved I will be leaving F-Secure and looking for an alternative computer protection company.
Please advise how I can resolve this simply.
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    You can use the link below to send the EXE file to the labs, and they will whitelist the program once analysed and deemed safe.  If you don't have an EXE file, then you can just send a link to the vendor website and they should be able to find it from there.


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