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I come back with this topic, as I  bought F-Secure Freedome in order to have a VPN and watch the Italian TV channels RAI.

There are a couple of other old topics about this issue, but I saw no working solution in them (cleaning the cache, disabling the location and so on). 

Background: I want to use my iOS device (iOS version 10) to stream the programmes with the RAI app. When opening, the app says that it seems I am abroad (I am trying to connect from France through the Italian IP of Freedome). Any working solutions?


Thank you in advance.


  • Laksh
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    Hello ARFsecure,


    Did it help if you disable the location on your iOS device?


  • ARFsecure
    ARFsecure Posts: 4 New Member

    No, it was already disabled, and it seems it was not the cause of the problem (or, at least, not the only one)

  • ARFsecure
    ARFsecure Posts: 4 New Member

    No suggestions?


    By the way, I installed the app in an Android device (7.0), and the result is the same ... the app RaiPlay informs that I am trying a connection from abroad ...

    Either RaiPlay identifies a connection from a VPN trying to bypass the regional constraint, or Freedome does not work in both iOS and Android ...

  • ARFsecure
    ARFsecure Posts: 4 New Member

    Ok, thank you for the feedback

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