[Germany] Code by chip.de does not work

Olli7 Posts: 1 New Member

Hello , i got get a 1 year Code and downloaded and installed it via the link i got per email.


But it says the Code was not Correct.


What can i do ?


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello Olli7,


    This campaign was in December and it lasted for one day. Hence the redemption of the code after the campaign ended is not possible.

  • zemankra
    zemankra Posts: 10 New Member

    the network adapter for freedom vpn seems as unidentified network 

  • Gleichanders
    Gleichanders Posts: 2 New Member

    I have the same problem:

    I got the code from chip.de on the 24. of dezember and I installed and activated the software the same day (24.12.2018) I then got the message the subscription is valid until 29.12.2019.

    A few days later when I wanted to use the software I got the message "subscription expired".

    When I want to reactivate the code i get the message "code not correct"

    I uninstalled the software and I installed it again, then the subscription recogised the previous installation and the serial number and it was again valid until 29.12.2019

    two days later the same expired subscription .... installing again ...... valid again.

    It always lasts one day befor the subscription expires.

    And I also see the network adapter for freedom vpn as unidentified network when.

    Please help me.

  • noelre
    noelre Posts: 1 New Member


    I also have exactly the same problem. It's definatley a Freedom problem and very annoying

  • Gleichanders
    Gleichanders Posts: 2 New Member
    Is there anybody here to help?
  • Azalea
    Azalea Posts: 4 New Member

    I have the same problematic! Properly a legal code but anschneined tacitly by F-Secure all our code was transferred to blacklist otherwise I can not explain this to me that's unfair. Regrettably, neither F-Secure nor chip.de help. I have written to chip.de editorial they also do not answer! I appeal to responsible two contact persons chip.de and F-secure! F-Secure must finally act, why does not anyone help?

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