Different Interface options and other options for Standalone Freedome VPN

MozartW Posts: 3 New Member

I think a "Adavancded Interface" would be really nice for all of us that like to make interfaces different and make it look different with skins and such things and make it work differently such as having the option to show the ping to the server you are connected to and which servers have Troubles Currently or isnt working or is working fine. and a data overlay that shows your ping and packets (Just like a ingame FPS/Data overlay)


also a "Hotfix" option for when you have troubles so see if it can fix it self by reseting the DNS Config or doing something else would be nice (The support tool isnt really ideal IMO and the Support tool is snooping too much information which isnt valid for fixing the issues)


a Build in Chat window for Chat support so you dont have to access the website everytime (lazy option but also a ideal option for some people)