Timely restarting

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Hi , My macbook pro 2010  restarts after posting negatives comments about ourpresent

federal government administration. Sometimes when making purchases from Amazon or other online purchases it restarts just as i'm cliking on the purchase button. It goes into a restart..  It stopped when i decided to purchase a new router. For 2 weeks i was restart free. Then it started again. I Bought another router and it stopped again for another 2 or 3 weeks and then started.. The apple store said i had no hardware issues. I erased the who computer using the military erase which took 12 hours.. I had no issues for two days after that but it started again. I ran Drive genius for detecting software issues but it found my harddrive to be healty.  I used Malware Bites preferred by apple to detect  any malware but it found nothing.  Your thoughts


  • joanne3422
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    the simple solution for your problem is to change your system, buy a new laptop or use another if you have,  maybe it is happening becuase you posted negative comments about federal government.

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