any changelog for F-Secure SAFE/IS products?




so i've asked this before i think it was a year ago, no changelog since then?

i've also seen there is even a fature request for it but it seems forgotten or something..



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    While I understand it's not exactly what you request, have you tried checking on release notification thread on beta product? It's a bit of an effort to scrape bugs concerning production version from it but it may be informational anyway. 

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    Changelog for major updates means 
    Bug fixes: 
    new features if there is any:



    you know most of AVs release such information when they release a major update..


    and i'm looking for Stable versions' changelog.

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).



    Just as my own feelings and thoughts:

    I like to read F-Secure release notes (when releases notes are available). And I also prefer to read changelog/release notes for F-Secure SAFE (when changelog is available).


    Current design is unclear a little be, indeed.

    But, basically, I think that when major update is happened -> there is "What's new" page about.

    Where most critical and large points are listed. I think that introduction of fresh feature or significant change is most interesting for users, anyway. And these points are listed, usually, after upgrade.

    Trouble is that it is not possible to find it as "page" or article. So, if we do not use F-Secure solution - it is unclear what is changed. For except, their website with description and overview for solution (where some fresh features or benefits start be listed, as example).


    Stable F-Secure SAFE changelog is likely close to on-going changelogs for beta FS Protection solution.

    With meanings: if we will try to merge beta changelogs into one changelog - it can be as changelog for stable major F-Secure SAFE update.

    I tried to do so before. And, basically, too important things are noted by "What's new" page. Another 'fixes' can be not so clear and visible for users. But if user with certain expectation - possible just try it or to report about remained trouble.


    In addition, beta builds are likely with good enough changelog view. If current stable F-Secure solution is "215" -> next topics are about potential changes with next major update:

    and this topic (after noted ones) with further updates (beta 8, beta 9, beta 10, beta 11, beta 12, beta 13, beta 14):

    Maybe it is not too 'friendly', but if we want to read entire available changelog - to read beta changelogs is option which covered more points.

    Otherwise - I think some users do not want to read changelog at all. And "What's new" page is enough.


    And, currently, it is recommended to upgrade software and solutions, anyway. My own feelings are that changelogs were more useful when it was possible to deny/decline/postpone upgrade. And continue to use outdated build (if listed changes are too small; or so).


    Does your request is based on own feelings that it is interesting to read changelog (as for me)?

    Or it is useful to decide about 'upgrade' (probably is not possible to postpone upgrade, in fact) OR to start use solution?

    Or something else? Because, I am not sure that most of security companies with clear changelogs on current time. Some of them are still about such design indeed. But I am not sure that all of available information are helpful for user (and that it is not possible to find related information with F-Secure public available resources).


    Sorry for my reply.


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