XFence rules outside user folder for users that are not admin


After upgrading to Mojave, I decided to create a separate admin user, and make my personal account a regular one. Xfence will now only add rules that apply to the user folder. XFence alerts keep popping up, and I can't approve them. Well I can approve them, but the approval is denied, and then I get another popup saying I'm not allowed to do that. I click that, then immediately get the same alert, and this keeps repeating.


So please add some kind of admin approval procedure, or allow special users to add rules outside of the user folder. Usually you only have one user on a laptop, so this user is also admin user, but only wants to separate things. But if you specify this per user (only Mary, not John), that would be better of course.


Oh and why can't I move the XFence windows out of the way?

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