Banking protection closing


I've got

fs protection 17.5 beta 13

F-Secure One Client (SAFE) 4.00.6130


I'v noticed that sometimes when I exit a banking site and close the tab in Firefor portable Bankin protection is closed and sometimes not.

It is closed eg after closing Nordea site and not closed after closing Wish.


Which is the designed behaviour and how might that be controlled?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    What I've noticed is that all tabs (with banking sites open) need to be closed for BP to close.  Could that be the issue?

  • martink
    martink Posts: 435 Influencer

    Normally I should expect that if that were the case all tabs and the browser should be closed.

    The reason for asking this question was that sometimes it was enough to close just the tabk open to bank.

    Not always though.

    Just tried it with Nordea and Banking protection did not close when I closed the tab.

  • martink
    martink Posts: 435 Influencer

    Thanks Ukko.

    According to the article

    When you log out of your online banking session, the notification at the top of your computer screen should close automatically.

    So as designed is that it should close.

    Recently that has been inconsistent, but most of the time it does not happen.

    In my personal opinion it could also be result misbeaviour of Windows 10 (which does not update) and browser privacy and cookie settings.

    It does not really bother me that much so I can leave it without further digging.

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