Freedome stopped workign after WIN update

HorstSchlammer Posts: 3 New Member

I am using freedome for three years now without any issue.

But the latest update (WIN 10, forced update my my company) seems to have ended that.


After restart it is not possible to get freedome to work. I start mannually, it shows message that my traffic is protected but the WIFI-icon in the lower right corner dissapears and the "Ethernet cable not connected"-icon appears. Not traffic what so ever. Stopping freedome --> WIFI comes back, works perfectly. 


Might there be any parameters changed by the update? Several restart of the computer didn't help.


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  • HorstSchlammer
    HorstSchlammer Posts: 3 New Member
    BTW: WIN 10 1803
  • HorstSchlammer
    HorstSchlammer Posts: 3 New Member

    It became better after a reinstall off freedome but still problems.

    I can start the VPN but the WIFI becomes inactivated. I can start it manually but in 2-3 out of ten times i starts for a short moment and inactivates again.

    So some sort off collision.

    Can there be a parameter/preference in the groupPolicy causing that behavior? Any other known conflict?




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    Hi HorstSchlammer,


    May I know did you purchase this Freedome yourself or it was purchased by your company?

    Have you tried to connect using LAN cable and turn on Freedome? Did that work?


    Flushing your DNS might work. Open Command Prompt as Administrator and type the commands below,

    • ipconfig /flushdns
    • netsh winsock reset
    • netsh int ipv6 reset

    Then restart your computer and turn on Freedome again.

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