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I had this free for a year and installed it on my mobile and tablet but could not install it on my computer.  The year has almost ended so I paid the annual subscription and again tried to install it on my laptop without success. I contacted virgin media gadget rescue and they spent 8 hours trying to install it on Saturday. No success.  I phoned virgin media customer services and they gave me the phone number for f-safe secure and they have tried for 5 hours to install it with no success. So what do I do now.  They say upgrades are stuck in my computer and are stopping the download.  


  • Simon
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    I'm assuming from your post that you know how the licensing and installation process works, so, firstly I would suggest that you try running the:


    F-Secure Uninstallation Tool


    Then try reinstalling from scratch.  You would usually do this via your SAFE Portal, but I'm not sure exactly how it works with Virgin media.  

  • benjam
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    This all sounds extremely technical. I have no idea what a safe portal is?

  • Simon
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    It's not too technical.  You just click the link above and run the Uninstaller, which will remove all traces of any previous installations or failed installation attempts, so, once you've rebooted, you start with a clean slate.  That said, if you have been engaged with F-Secure support for a considerable length of time, I'd be surprised if they haven't already suggested that.


    The Safe Portal is where you download the installers, but you may have to access this differently if you are coming from Virgin Media.  From what I recall, I think you should have a Virgin Media portal, which you can log into, and then you can access the F-Secure portal from there, but as I said originally, I'm not really quite sure how it works, as I'm not a Virgin Media customer.


    It would also be worth checking that you have all of the current Windows Update on the laptop, and that you are running at least Windows 7, as I don't think F-Secure will install on anything earlier now.

  • Jaims
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    Hi @benjam


    Thank you for your post.


    Since you are already in touch with our support team, we will continue troubleshooting further via phone call and email. As we can see, your issue is still pending and we will try our possible best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

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