Constant Freedome error message on startup

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When I startup my MacBookPro on OSX 10.13.6, I get a message saying Freedome quit unexpectedly.  This generates a crash report sent to Apple.  This problem began after I renewed my subscription on 5 November 2018.  


Normal use of Freedome VPN works perfectly and there are no problems with its operation.


The crash occurs whether I have used Freedome VPN during the last session or not.  Freedome is set not to launch upon startup.  I had tech support reinstall Freedome remotely but the problem did not disappear.  


I have generated an fsiag.tar.gz file.


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    Hello Eric5,


    Since you have already tried the reinstallation with support but the issue persists, I would recommend to get in touch with our support team again so that you can provide your diagnostic report for further troubleshooting. Please do refer your earlier case number with support so that they can know what has happened till now.


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