I Bought FSecure safe to have also Fsecure key and Freedom, but I got Freedom only 5 days Why?

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    Hi @Simoncina13,


    If you have bought F-Secure Total, it includes F-Secure SAFE, F-Secure Freedome and F-Secure Key.


    Each application needs to be installed separately and activated separately.


    When you install F-Secure Freedome for the first time it will include a 5 day trial period. You can activate your Total subscription on the device by following these steps:


    1. Open F-Secure Freedome on the device

    2. Go to the subscriptions page

    3. Click on the login button

    4. Choose to login to F-Secure

    5. Use your My F-Secure login details to login

    6. Give a name to your new device


    Now the subscription will be activated and the device will show up in My F-Secure under the Freedome VPN tab.

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