Browsing Protection Conflicts with Sending Mail on Thunderbird

Since yesterday I have not been able send emails on Thunderbird when F secure Browsing protection is on.


I can however send with no problem when I disable Browsing protection.  I have discovered that the problem is associated with Browsing Protection by Trial and Error.


I also have a similar problem wth another program I use for sending out "mail merge" emails - Mailist Controller.


For the moment I am disabling Browsing Protection - and being careful about which sites I visit.



  • JAP-G30
    JAP-G30 Posts: 2 New Member

    I have a very similar issue F-Secure!!!


    Thunderbird will not work - cannot SEND OR RECEIVE emails UNLESS I turn Virus protection! This satrted around Friday last week!


    Unable to find any fixes!

  • blacktop-burner
    blacktop-burner Posts: 3 New Member

    I have had exactly the same problem, which also started on Saturday, when Thunderbird would not send or receive emails. Finally tracked it down to the Web Browser protection element of F-Secure Safe. By turning it off the problem dissapeared but when turned on again the problem came back. I have contacted F-Secure support today who have acknowledged the problem so hopefully there will be a fix soon. Have been using webmail but what a chore.

  • JAP-G30
    JAP-G30 Posts: 2 New Member

    Many thanks for your update - really appreciated!


    Hopefully F-secure will provide a patch asap as it is a real pain to keep switching the app off and on just to get mails throughout the day!

  • blacktop-burner
    blacktop-burner Posts: 3 New Member

    Thanks for your message.


    I tried using webmail but didn't find it as user friendly as Thunderbird and it doesn't seem to include any audio announcement of a email arriving.  From the comments from F-Secure technician, there may be a few people in the same position as us which should prompt them to immediate action, or lose some customers.  So fingers crossed that there is a rapid fix.

    BSGRANT Posts: 2 New Member

    This problem now seems to be resolved as I am able to sennd emails on Thunderbird with F-Secure fully turned on.

  • blacktop-burner
    blacktop-burner Posts: 3 New Member

    Great news and thanks for letting me know. Well done the people at F Secure

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