I am experiencing WAY TOO MANY instances where the VPN just SPINS AND SPINS - unable to connect. Sometimes a location change helps, but most often not. 


NO, it is NOT AN ISSUE with my 300mps service as it continues to work WOTHOUT this VPN. 


Anyone else experiencing this this and have a solution OTHER THAN A VPN PROVIDER CHANGE?


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hello DrMSW,


    May I know the version of Freedome installed on your device? What is the OS of your device in which Freedome is not able to connect?


    Are you observing this issue if you happen to connect to a different network as well (like try a different Wi-Fi or Data network)?

  • DrMSWDrMSW Posts: 5

    iOS 12.1 on iPhone 6 and now XS Max.  Also happens on my (the) newest iPad Pro  


    Areas (ie SOUTH, SOUTHEAST) suddenly become non-operational. A change in area helps until the closest area become operational again. 


    This is happens at home, work, and out. The “blue and white connecting circle” just spins and spins. Annoying. 


    It happens often enough to push me towards choosing another VPN service in the future. 


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    Hello DrMSW,


    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Freedome on any of your device and see if this helps?

  • DrMSWDrMSW Posts: 5

    Yes.  iOS restarts and app uninstall and reinstall process completed. 

    Standard iOS operation. 




    If it was an app problem, CONNECTING TO ANOTHER VPN AREA EACH TIME WOULDN’T WORK. Trouble is, further the distance of the provider, slower the response time. 


    This HAS TO DO WITH Freedome areas going down.  I just don’t want to continually be bothered with changing areas to get operating VPN service locations. I shouldn’t have to. 

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hello DrMSW,


    Our monitoring does not show any problems for those 2 locations - south and southeast US. However, I see you have all iOS devices mentioned in the last post. Do you happen to use any other device with a different OS and does the issue happen in that OS as well?


    We have seen this kind of behaviour occasionally with the iOS clients. It depends on the built-in IPSec functionality in the operating system, and there is apparently something there that causes these issues.

  • DrMSWDrMSW Posts: 5

    Happened again this morning. 12/6/18 5:55 am ET


    “EAST” was non-responsive.  I had to change to “SOUTH” to connect. 


    A jump BACK TO “EAST” five minutes later validated that “EAST” was STILL NON-RESPONSIVE and WOULD


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