Mail cannot be sent nor received when Free-Dome is activated on MacBook Air

MarjavSo Posts: 5 Observer

Dear reader, 


When I activate free-dome VPN I run into errors sending or receiving e-mail. 

I did not find a solution in the How-to.

all I found is this issue, which is closed :


I now switch off the VPN connection to receive and send e-mails. I do not want to do this when I am connected to an open WiFi at a flex workplace.


Hope you have a solution for me.



Marja van Solkema


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Marja,


    Are you having this issue in both sending and receiving emails? Have you checked this article and the recommended troubleshooting for sending emails issue with Freedome on?


    May I know what is your email client in which you see this issue?

  • MarjavSo
    MarjavSo Posts: 5 Observer

    Hi, thanks for your response. I have not yet solved the issue.

    I am seeing the it with my icloud account as well as with the mail via my hosting partner. 

    The article suggestions do not do the trick for me. I am currently looking into the remain mail settings.

    Cheers, Marja

  • MarjavSo
    MarjavSo Posts: 5 Observer

    I have the issue with both sending and receiving emails. As well in icloud as in my business mail account.

    The error message: 


    "Mail was unable to connect to server “” using SSL on the default ports. Verify that this server supports SSL and that your account settings are correct."


    Same message for my business mail - I have checked the connection to the mail account - it is set correctly, using SSL.


    Hope you can help me out



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello MarjavSo,


    I would recommend to get in touch with our support team here for further troubleshooting.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello Marja!


    Thanks for keeping us posted with your resolution. Glad to know the issue is solved.

  • MarjavSo
    MarjavSo Posts: 5 Observer

    Another addition: I usually just close my macbook air and reopen it when I start working again the next day. Free-dome establishes the connection and then the issue is there again; restarting the mail connection does the trick then. Has something to do with the identification of the established connection? 

    However: I now will start my mail connection daily after establishing the free-dome connection. Simple as that Smiley Happy


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