Where is the call blocker?


After having reinstalled the f-secure app on my phone I can not find the call blocker app icon in the f-secure safe app. How can I make it apear again? I am using the app for android.


Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,641 Superuser



    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Sounds that "Call blocker" functionality is dropped with recent F-Secure SAFE builds. I am not sure about reasons or explanation (probably, 'drop'-status is published with some of updates); maybe current supported Android versions with own functionality to handle such feature(?!).

    For example, my Android 8.1.0 and preinstalled(Google?!) Phone application with options to configure 'deny'-numbers and some more.

    Otherwise - good to receive any official information!


  • mpstab
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    Hi Ukko!


    Thanks for the information, I found the function on my android 8.1.

    But I this is bad information policy from f-secure. I have no problem that they drop funtions in the app if android has them but please inform the users about it!

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