general question regarding FireWall ... and Windows

I recently had to troubleshoot my network settings and was informed that there might be an issue with Windows FireWall.

My question, does F-Secure handle the firewall settings from within F-Secure or does it use Windows FireWall.

Do I turn off Windows FireWall and let F-Secure handle the firewall ... or not?

Thanks in advance, Dave

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    Current stable F-Secure home solutions (F-Secure SAFE for Windows, F-Secure Internet Security) are designed to work with Windows Firewall.


    In general, it use Windows Firewall.

    And you should not turn off Windows Firewall - because entire "firewall"-functionality will be disabled. Otherwise - possible to replace it by third-party firewall (but with tune ups and tweaks).

    There is proper explanation (F-Secure Online Documentation):

    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions). Maybe with your experience: there are options to change some Windows Firewall rules or configuration for expected work-state (if something wrong with it).




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