Invited to XFENCE Beta - But XFENCE is already included in PSB Computer Protection for Mac


I am confused:

I received today an invitation to XFENCE beta. However, on my work Mac (that has PSB Computer Protection for Mac) there is already XFENCE as part of that program. It also cannot be deactivated via Preferences. The only way to disable it is to delete its kernel extension "XFENCE.kext" from /Library/Extension right after installation/update and clear the kext cache before the required reboot.

What would change, if I installed XFENCE on that Mac?
Would that just be a more recent (beta)version of XFENCE?


  • pajp
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    The standalone XFENCE beta has some features that have not been integrated into Computer Protection for Mac, and vice versa (for example, Computer Protection for Mac integrates XFENCE features with F-Secure Security Cloud). Currently it is not possible to run the standalone XFENCE beta version alongside Computer Protection for Mac.

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

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