Automatically turn on FREEDOME when I connect to a non-trusted Wi-Fi network


Hello. I couldn't find a post requesting the feature I am envisioning, so I am asking here.


In a nutshell, if FREEDOME is running, but not turned ON, if I connect to a network that I have not listed as "trusted", then I would like FREEDOME to turn ON automatically, so that I don't have to remember to turn it on. Some may offer a solution of, "just leave it on all of the time", and my response is, "there are reasons why I may have turned it OFF, or it was OFF without my knowledge."


I am a business systems analsyt on a software development team. We are learning about BDD (Business Driven Development), Cucmber/Gherkin, ATDD, etc., so I will try to express this feature request in the following Gherkin scenarios:


Background: FREEDOME is running and OFF and networks exist
Given FREEDOME is running
And the following Wi-Fi networks exist
| Network name | Trusted? |
| MyHouse      | Yes      |
| Coffeeshop   | No       |

Scenario: Connect to Trusted network
When I connect to MyHouse
Then FREEDOME is still disabled

Scenario: Connect to Untrusted network
When I connect to CoffeeShop
Then FREEDOME is enabled