iOS Freedome block chat capabilites of "Rise of Civilization"



I've recently started playing with the above mentioned game on iOS and realized that in chat game application is not working very well... or should say is not working.

The fact is that if I drop the VPN connection suddenly start working perfectly... I'm not very concerned about the loss of chat (though could be important on this type of game) as I prefer stay secure but I'm curious to understand why this happen.

There's a way to diagnose what is going on behind the scene... I've been using Freedome almost for last 3 years and this is the first time I got this kind of beahviour.

Could it be that some "connection" is dropped as marked like coming from suspicios or dangerous servers?


  • Sethu
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    Hello @TheRealWilly,


    May I know the version of your iOS? and version of your Freedome?


    Found this similar thread, would you be so kind as to check Reset Network Setting on your iOS to see whether the issue still reproduce.

  • Hi @Sethu


    The iOS version is 12.1 and the Fredoome is; as per the other thread you mentioned not sure  if that is applicable. 

    In my case the connection is working as the game load and I can play... is only the chat capability that seems to be disrupted.

    Cannot really reset the network settings at the moment as I would loose some information that I could not recover immediately.


  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @TheRealWilly,



    Thank you for the details, we have had similar cases and had a chances to fix the issue by enabling the Keep VPN on when device is idle feature. Normally, Freedome closes the VPN connection after there hasn't been any network activity for some time. This is done to save battery. When any app or operating system is trying to access the network, Freedome will automatically open the VPN connection.


    However, should a messaging app on the device receive a message in this situation, it may malfunction as the VPN connection is not open. The connection attempt is coming from the network to the device, and not from the device to the network.


    Apple fixed an issue in the latest iOS version which caused these kinds of problems in various apps.


    In your situation, may I ask you try enabling the feature, Freedome >Settings>  Keep VPN on when device is idle  to configure Freedome to keep the VPN connection always open. Note that this may naturally have some effect on the battery consumption. By default, the setting is off. 



  • Hi @Sethu


    I gave it a try but it seems to not solve the situation.

    I suspect that some server/port gets blocked gets blocked but not sure how to check that... 


    As a matter of fact when I'm not playing I receive correctly notification on control center that new message has arrived but if I start the app with VPN turned on I receive no message and chat is not updated either.

    If I keep the VPN off then internal chat is updated also with previous messages...

  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @TheRealWilly


    Thank you for trying out the suggested steps, we need to analysis the logfile in order to find the root cause. We would advise you to contact our Support Team to further investigate this issue.

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