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Hi everyone, I'm aware that f-secure only blocks tracking from HTTP not HTTPS sites, but searching the web I found that these days almost every popular website has HTTPS protection. I guess my question is how I am protected on these HTTPS sites and if the tracker protection is worth it if a perceived 90% of my used websites are HTTPS

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    Hello @FreeJohn


    Could you please have a look at this article?


    When you go to a web site or use an app that tries to track you, Freedome hides your IP address, blocks tracking cookies and prevents apps from sending information about you to data collection sites.


    Some of your browsing happens over encrypted communications (HTTPS/TLS/SSL), and in those cases Freedome cannot decrypt the communications and remove the tracking cookies. As an example, you most likely appreciate that Freedome does not intervene your safe online banking connection.


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