Freedome VPN Release Notes?

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My Macbook running Mojave popped up a message to upgrade Freedome.  The text stated something about it being outdated.   So I ignored pop up and closed Freedome then restarted thinking that a restart who trigger an upgrade check.   No upgrade (F-Secure still has not fixed checking for upgrade where it doesn't reply if there is no update) was offered.  So I went to F-Secure to look up the release notes but could not find them.    Are there release notes or does F-Secure want its customers to be hacked?

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  • SethuSethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @Danno,


    F-secure Freedome update automatically when new versions are release. The new version of Freedome for Mac 2.23.5653 has already rolled out. Currently, there is no release notes avialable for F-secure Freedome in our F-secure website. But I will certainly forward your request to relevant department.


    To check the Freedome version:


    1. Click the F-Secure product icon in the menu bar (runs along the top of the screen).

    A pop-up menu appears.

    2. F-Secure FREEDOME: Select About to open the page, which contains the product name and version as well as other details about the product.


    What's New in Version 2.23


    • Bug fixes and user interface improvements
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    I have version 2.15.5163.0.  When I select 'Check For Updates' nothing happens.   I have restarted Freedome.  Please advise.

  • DannoDanno Posts: 28 Explorer

    I am on the latest version now.  Thanks!

  • SethuSethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @Danno,


    Thank you for the update and glad to know that you have now upgraded the newer version successfully.

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem (old version -unable to update to latest version) as Dunno. Please let me know how to get the latest version installed.

  • SethuSethu Posts: 720 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @Minnam,


    Click here to see the Uninstallation steps for F-secure Product.


    Click here to see the Installation steps for F-secure Freedome for Mac.

  • Thank you so much! All done and ready now!

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