Banking security prevents airline ticket purchases from Finnair


Going into the web bank cut the connection to the Finnair ticket reservation system, effectively throwing the whole process of purchasing tickets into limbo. I had to scramble the Finnair customer service to find out what happened to my reservation and they found it to be so comprehensively muddled by your intervention that they told me it will take a day or two to sort it out.


This is not how things are supposed to work!


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    Hello @vvuorela,


    We can understand your situation and respect them. Our F-Secure program will try to block or consider certain websites as a potential risk. In some case, Banking Protection has a false rating for the page To attend to this issue, we have a Sample Analysis Department (SAS) to help verify these files. Kindly send these samples or your URL for verification to our SAS team. They will then liaise the issue with you directly. Please go to this SAS page.


    1. Select Submit a URL
    2. Insert the website URL
    3. Tick the checkbox (I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results)
    4. Fill out all fields
    5. Click Submit URL sample

    Note: Post your question in English in the "Description" field.



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