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I have now started to use Freedom. Seems to function ok streaming swedish TV Play to Spain. But where can i see wich units I have connected to my Freedom accout for 5 units. Do you have a login I can not find on your website?


Best regards Sven-Göran Olson 

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  • XorelXorel Posts: 1

    check out this link:


    you need to log in with your account and that should point you in the right derection

  • SgosSgos Posts: 5


    That link goes to Safe. But I have bought Freedome VPN. Not Safe. I also got mail  that I have chosen Safe. Not true.  

    I have got a mail that I bought Freedom. Something has been a missmatch. 

    So, where can I see the units connected to my Freedom VPN. 

    I created an account for VPN I thought, login [email protected] But what have I login to? 

    Best regards Sven-Göran Olson 


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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hello @Sgos,


    Did you purchase a Freedome multi device subscription? If yes, there is no portal to manage the subscriptions for Freedome multi device subscription.

    You can find more information about the Freedome multi device subscription here.


    Did you register when you clicked the link shared above for SAFE? If yes, I believe the email was sent as you registered for SAFE account.

  • SgosSgos Posts: 5


    Many thanks for the good answer. Now I understand how my Freedom account functions and why I got the Safe mail. I registered a My F-link account on that webside.


    Now I also saw the Total alternative and see that Freedom is included there. Is it correct that I can manage my subscription in My F-link account on the webb if I upgrade to Total? 

     How do I proceed if I want to upgrade to Total, which seems interesting for me. 


    Best regards Sven-Göran Olson 

  • SgosSgos Posts: 5

    Hi again! 

    In the info link you sent me you only talk about changing to Total in iOs. But I use both Android and iOs. Is that aproblem? Or possible?


    Best regards Sven-Göran Olson 

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hello Sven-Göran Olson,


    Please have a look at the list of supported OS for TOTAL here.

    Yes, in TOTAL, you see how many licenses are available/in use for your TOTAL apps in the My F-Secure portal. Please check this link for more information on how the TOTAL licensing works.

    If you would like to read further about TOTAL, you can find more KB articles about TOTAL here.


    To upgrade to TOTAL, since you have a Freedome license already purchased, it would be best if you could get in touch with our support team here (via chat or phone) to check on your current license information so they can advise further.

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